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The Farm to Table Tops Project
The Farm to Table Tops will educate youth participants on Louisiana's local food system and trace its journey from farm to table. participants will visit local farme and harvest crops to be used in a cooking and nutrition class led by local chefs and nutrition experts. Using Main Street Market as a backdrop, the students will design and create hand-painted table tops to reflect Louisiana's food system. The project will be overseen by a local art educator who will be on hand to help students bring their vision to life.

The summer program will culminate in a community artist recognition event at Main Street Market where the new Table Tops will be unveiled in a jazz parade celebration.

What do your sponsorship dollars support?
Sponsorship dollars will support Farm to Table tops program costs including art instructors and project materials for up to 50 youth artists aged 10 to 20. Funds will also support BREADA's work in creating a healthy local food system and providing educational outreach in the community.

Purpose of the Project
* Educate kids on where our food comes from and the importance of a healthy local food system by tracing its path from farm to table
* Increase the understanding of the impact that a public marketplace has on its community
* Offer children a summertime educational opportunity that builds their talent and self-esteem by learning through the arts.

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